The Real Estate
Advertising Agency

Our team LIVES real estate lead generation. We only work with ONE agent per market, 

generate MOTIVATED and qualified leads that are deep in the funnel, run ads for you across 

EVERY platform available and leave you the time you deserve to do what you do best, 



ROI is the standard

Clean and simple. You are running a business and that business needs to be profitable. Whether it’s utilizing our industry leading paid advertising services backed by Artificial Intelligence, hiring us for an internal audit on adjustments needed to meet your goals, or just checking in to our webinars or social channels for tips and tricks on Marketing & Advertising in real estate! The Speculo Group is dedicated to helping you take your real estate business to the next level!

Paid Advertising

Google PPC, YouTube, and more. Paid ads can either be the best or worst side of your budget, the key is optimization! Our team is lethally focused on ROI and communicates results consistently

Video Editing & Social Media Management

Video is mandatory in today's digital world! We start with taking you through training what kind of content to make, then we give you a dedicated team member who will edit and post your content to ensure your market sees you EVERYWHERE

Tech Integrations & Automations

There are so many CRM systems, apps, and tools that support your business in one way or another. Our team optimizes these tools to perform the best for you workflow

Planing & Strategy

What stage are you in as an agent? Are you focused on Residential or Commercial? What hyper local marketplace of buyers and sellers are you trying to dominate?

Budget and expectation

We help you create an effective budget and clear ROI expectations so you can feel comfortable and confident when we join the team and take your business to the next level

The Business of Real Estate

We believe in building systems and pipelines that don't just service for lead generation, but also for the entire business. The goal is building predictability for growth


Most importantly, this is your business. We insist on building close relationships with our clients to ensure there is open and effective communication

What Makes us different

If you put 100 realtors in a room, 95 would say their biggest issue is they need more leads. We disagree... You need more CLOSINGS!! What makes Speculo different is we focus on quality, not quantity. Maintaining speed to lead, high quality service, and efficiency begins with generating high quality leads ready to buy or sell.

Our Team

Meet our team of Specialists

Riley VanderKaay

Co-Founder & CEO

Kyle Fedewa

Co-Founder - COO - Director of Client Onboarding

Drew Doehr

Director of Paid Ads

Brody Kannally

Director of Business Development

Eliot Ferstl

Director of Integrations & Automation

Heather Jennings

Director of Client Success & Market Center Development


Ben Kirby

Client Account Strategist

Hannah Thomas

Client Account Strategist

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