Video editing and social management

Video Editing and Social Management

Making it easy

Are you tired of not having the time or resources to be consistent with video content on social?

We know all too well how frustrating it is when you hear everyone talking about how amazing and powerful video content on social media is, but not having the resources to get it done! At Speculo, we take care of everything from training, editing, scheduling, optimizing, and so much more. Your only responsibility is to film raw content and send it to us. From there, we make you look like one of the pros!

Our Services

End-to-End Solutions for Video on social media


As professionals, we know exactly HOW to create powerful, engaging content and we teach you every step of the process! You are never left to guess

Content Themes

We know consistency is key, but how do you keep coming up with original content?! We create custom themes and 100s of topics for you so you never run out of valuable content ideas


In just one quick meeting, we gain access to all of your social accounts (or create them for you if needed), optimize your profiles, and apply our VPN systems so all of your videos are reaching your local market


Our team will edit your videos to the highest standard for each platform to ensure the algorithm shows it to your desired audience. We then schedule out your content to your desired weekly frequency to ensure your viewers see you CONSISTENTLY!

Posting & Scheduling

This is key for the algorithms. From in-app editing and posting to scheduling out for consistent exposure, our team's strategies ensure that your content gets the most viewers possible

Team Communication

We believe that long-term success in any service, especially one like this, requires effective communication. You will have a dedicated account strategist who meets with you bi-weekly as well as 24/7 access to the founders and the entire team for your account. This ensures nothing slips through the cracks and your goals always stay top of mind

Ready for Some Help?

Differentiate yourself

There are 100's of real estate agents right next door. We can help you differentiate yourself and create an identity that speaks to who you are and what you can do for your clients!

Our Solutions

Full-Service Marketing Solutions For Your Real Estate Agency

The Speculo Group is the comprehensive solution to maximizing growth in your local market. We specialize in capturing new leads for your business AND moving them through the funnel for you. As a result, you get to focus on what you do best: Selling homes and closing deals!

Google Ads

Our best agents generate $100k+ annually in PROFITS from our campaigns!


Video content is king... Your leads are on YouTube and we know how to attract them!

Case Studies

Find out what makes our company different and how we have helped agents across the country

Trusted By Realtors Everywhere

Ready to dominate video on social?

The Speculo Group, LLC has launched an initiative, The Speculo Group Realtor Partners. This initiative is built off of a mission to help realtors around the country grow their businesses and improve processes with client acquisition and success.

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